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General Conditions and Terms of Use
updated on October 15th, 2016

CIULLO CORPORATION © (identified also as the initiative, the society, the project, the activity, the enterprise) is an autonomous and independent artistic entity, based in a binding way on the idea and the project of Massimiliano and Sebastiano Ciullo whom, in any case, reserve for themselves to keep the full Intellectual Property of the foretold society and of the projects directly linked to it.
In NO case they're foreseen refunds for eventual personal initiatives aimed to grow through financial tools (Google AdWords, deviantART AdCast, FaceBook advertisements, Like/Followers purchasing, Premium profiles, Sponsored Domains, etcetera) the traffic of the whole or part of our network, where as "part" are intended also the Partnership Program sites.
Funds collected through the global network and/or through the sale of end products will mainly be used to keep and upgrade the activity itself, as well as for the presence of the same to projects of social and civil relevance as joining public events and initiatives and supporting the medical and technological research.
The society again rejects ant responsibility on contents, behaviours, materials, themes acted and/or exposed by eventual Contributors and Partners, reserving for itself, in case of legal departments, the right to rescind any kind of relationship and agreement with the subjects, keeping any unpaid earning as indemnity, and, eventually, to institute civil proceedings against them.
We also invite any participating and/or visitor to respect the rules drawn by the Hosts of any site or gallery of our circuit and to avoid behaviours classified as acts of SPAM and/or encouraging of illegal activities as mobbing, stalking, discrimination, integralism, bullying, piracy.
Content policy
CIULLO CORPORATION is crafted as an "open society" in matter of contents, that is we do not refuse any kind of politic/social/religious/sexual/cultural expression as long as that manifestation is made respecting and considering any other form of thinking and morality. Our initiative believes in freedom of acting and believing and does not condemn any consenting provided that it isn't physically and psychologically deleterious both for the involved subjects and for eventual "external witnesses", but in no way it endorses any kind of self-finalized violence and/or violence against dignity and health of other living being, may it be a man, a woman, a child or an animal.
The engagement that our society assumes to its customers it is to provide entertainment and didactic material without neglecting any entertainment and educational element just for personal and/or moral prejudices but nevertheless which will be correctly coded to be accessible preferably only to the right ages. To implement this goal, it is an integrating part of our project to recover in our videogames an internal system of contents verification, the "PARENTAL CONTROL" active in the '90s videogames, to allow parents/legal tutors to block only the most cruel and mature dynamics and not the whole product.
Content access
CIULLO CORPORATION offers on its Network different purchasing options for its own contents and provides for the same previews and anticipations of various length and format. The foretold "promotional materials" are to be considered exhaustive and representative, if not of the final product, of the developing phases of each referred project and they are in any case THE ONLY RESOURCES ALLOWED TO BE SHARED.
Purchasing may occur only through the channels listed on our catalogs and may be committed on a single product/service or through subscription: we wish to underline that some products and services are provided ONLY ON SUBSCRIPTION. We wish to remember that our work uses anatomically complete tridimensional models and animations that simulate every aspect of life: examples of such additional dynamics are forecast into the ADULTS ONLY Zone.
Usage of contents
CIULLO CORPORATION keeps for itself any right on its own content, here included also the resulting materials of External Commissions, with faculty of publishing, partial and/or full re-use, alteration and "recycle" on every gallery associated to our circuit and into projects independent from the commission itself. As tutelage of the purchaser, the society engages, wherever it is possible, to "credit" through name and/or link to an eventual site everywhere we'll redistribute the executed work PROVIDED THAT the subjects grant the insertion on their own sites, and on every place they will redistribute the resulting stuff, of a link/reference to our site and project.
It is ABSOLUTELY forbidden to any user/collaborator to independently publish, redistribute and/or modify any of our works without being previously authorized and without crediting the source of such material. According to this paragraph, also buying through digital and/or physical means do not give any right of manipulation and extrapolation of the whole or just part of our work from the CIULLO CORPORATION network.
Subscription and Association
CIULLO CORPORATION aims to realize a complex network which can join together artists and/or professionals into an ambient of mutual support and collaboration without offering nor asking any economical contribution if not as a voluntary act. The society, being self-funded itself, has no intention to negate anyone of its collaborators to add on their own sites donation requests or to exploit our network to promote their professional jobs but it is absolutely denied to "use" your own position inside CIULLO CORPORATION to offer workplaces and/or services reserved to the personnel in exchange of money: trespassers will be removed, banned from our circuit and, if necessary, noticed to the authorities.
In any case the Administrators reserve themselves to replace, downgrade and rescind to the contract any contributor who has repeatedly and methodically shown non-fulfilment and/or incapacity to cover the assigned role and to respect any stipulated agreement.
Privacy policy
CIULLO CORPORATION asks to all the candidates a photo and some personal information which will serve exclusively to compile their profiles on the Personnel section. Informations and contacts exceeding the essential will never be provided in public or to third parties, with the exception of the occasional presence of the whole society to public events which may ask a more complete registration.
Born from the collaboration of two brothers, our enterprise promotes and encourages the developing of relations between the personnel also outside the working pace as long as they do not interfere with the correct management of the activity itself. Nevertheless, behaviours of vengeful/defamatory/disparaging nature against colleagues and external subjects, with or without using your enterprise's credentials, or both personal/professional reasons will not be tolerated.
Partnership and Sponsorship
CIULLO CORPORATION offers to other webmasters the chance to enter into our circuit through a Partnership Program free of financial burdens based on the "link exchange" in a system of mutual advertising. To access this program, it is sufficient that the managers of these websites (they're excluded pages/channels on FaceBOOK, Google+, Patreon, Istagram, Twitter, deviantART, NewGrounds, YouTUBE, etcetera) insert a direct link to our HOME in one or more pages of their site, indifferently if as hypertext or banner.
It is also possible, by subscribing the homonym subscription plan on our Patreon profile, to obtain a Sponsor Link for any page/profile/site provided that it respects these General Conditions and it is not "illegal" (THEY'RE NOT ACCEPTED sites/channels featuring piracy, spamming, bestiality, instigation to violence in all their declinations). In order to make your link eligible to indexing it is NECESSARY to pay the "pledge" for AT LEAST 2 MONTHS (you'll obtain also the inclusion in our Halls of Fame and the eventual "rewards"), after the second deposit the Sponsor Link will be activated and it will stay so as long as the purchaser will pay the tribute.
Same conditions apply also to the whole of those who wish to subscribe an agreement of AFFILIATION to our network, with the exception that it is necessary both to PLEDGE THE SUBSCRIPTION and to add on your site one or more CIULLO CORPORATION banners.
Other dispositions
As for the independent and self-taught nature of the project, they're not required specific professional/didactic credits to start work with CIULLO CORPORATION provided that, once joined, the subjects put the best of their availabilities and abilities to improve themselves and their contribute.
Still standing our "opening" to various forms of association, available contacts and workplaces have been reduced and limited to a MAXIMUM of 2 roles as COLLABORATOR and an undefined number of Contributors.
For artists that should not fit into our contracts' terms we offer, in addition to the Partnership Program options, a chance for an open collaboration with our historic partner GamerS-HitS.
CIULLO CORPORATION keeps itself to alter, update and implement this card in any moment and, according to the new arrangements, to modify or repeal any contract considered "unfitting".