Indie of the Year (2016)

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Indie of the Year (2016)

Messaggio da CIULLO CORPORATION » 02/12/2016, 10:55

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is again time to vote for the Best Indie of the Year, so grab your mouse and go vote for our entries:

Chyrkyan Trial  - vote it on ModDB  or IndieDB 
Chyrkyan Trial is a Tic-Tac-Toe 2D mind-training minigame.
STAR QUORK Cyoven'Hant  - vote it on ModDB  or IndieDB
Enter the Ciullo Corporation Sci-Fi universe with the first chapter of STAR QUORK series and let yourself be mesmerized by a revolutionary new brand of gaming:
DRM free with LAN Multiplayer up to 64 users, three different game interchangeable game interfaces (FPS, third person and isometric view) indipendently even on network matches, action driven experience system, physic simulations and medicine studies oriented health system
Join the Cyoven'Hant army now and be the first to guide them to the conquer of the Universe!
Le Cronache dell'Uomo-Pecora. La Legione di Ferro  - vote it on ModDB  or IndieDB 
"La Legione di Ferro" is the first chapter of the "Le Cronache dell'Uomo-Pecora" saga, a Fantasy RTS (with Adventure, RPG and Action features) set in the reign of "Mondo di Mezzo" ("Middle-World") and developed in Italy by a team of two brothers (Ciullo Corporation).
Check the official sites to gather all the infos if you need, but a vote won't cost you anything.

Have a nice day,
the CIULLO CORPORATION Developers Team 


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