"Italian Only" pages and features

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"Italian Only" pages and features

Messaggio da CIULLO CORPORATION » 24/08/2015, 10:58

Browsing our site, you surely noticed that there's some sightly differences between the main (Italian) and the translated versions of the site.

First of all, there are less "job offers" and only one type of contract available, the contributor one: this is because most of the employments require to be able to reach us to our headquarters (in a top-secret Italian location) and, since all our basis are in Italy, it is mandatory a natural knowledge of Italian language. And still, we aren't either big or rich enough to afford foreing offices or relocation assistance.

Second point it is about the contents: in past we used to make some full English versions of our videos and then we directly encode translations in them for some streaming platforms but from now, due to the need to save the more space and time possible, we'll only provide captions on the channels that support them.

Third "bad" news: the website translation and synchronization is probably the most time-draining activity we have after our work itself. We'll keep updating it with the main developments and installments but some sections, both for practical and tecnical reasons, will no longer being included in the translation queue (unless we'll find someone else ready to accept the task of providing you an accurate and tecnically correct version of Media and Cultural pages).

Beside that, we wish everyone (even to those who are not browsing this site) a good time.


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