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Inviato: 19/08/2018, 18:45
First of all a thank you to all whom followed us in these first years of activity: you shall be satisfied to know that our network has grown much from that small YouTube channel with which it started back into the "far" 2011, it branched and sprouted almost everywhere, even if with some harsh moments, collecting consents, contacts and other followers from all around the world and even from places and communities we would never suspected to...

In good and evil, then, we arrived at this point, after having teased and lured you with the images and the videos of our progress in this self-training path, to give you this new announce: we are now capable to realize all the pre-announced projects with a very minimal margin of error, so, since now, any preview you will be provided will actually correspond to a complete work at the disposal of the Fan-CIULLI first and of all other customers then. To seal this passage, and this pledge towards you, we already provided to rebuild from scratch the site and the gallery, removing also almost any trace of Third Parties advertising materials (they remain, in spite of ourselves, some banners to satisfy hosting requirements), with a more professional look and in a way so it will be easier for you to find and purchase what you like most, shall it be wallpapers' packs, books, movies, videogames or services.

With your contribute, still again, we hope to be able to lease a new superdomain so we will be able to offer you always more didactic materials, images, videos and softwares with more ease and without any restriction.


HTTPS protocol

Inviato: 08/09/2018, 10:37
At last we also activated the HTTPS protocol (provided and certified by Altervista/CloudFlare), since we won't rely on advertising anymore but from now we'll bet all on directly selling our products and services in order to grant you, and not only through our "intermediaries" Patreon, deviantART, GameJolt and Threadless, a safe connection for your purchases on our network from its first step.

This update does not apply on GamerS HitS nor the other affiliated sites or the sites/profiles powered by other hosts.

Thanks for your collaboration,