Critical Engine Failure

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Critical Engine Failure

Messaggio da CIULLO CORPORATION » 04/06/2018, 10:19

We’re apologizing with our customers but we found ourselves forced to “retire from the market” all our games due a new critical failure of Torque3D game engine: seems, in fact, that after the DirectX 12 was released on Windows10 any version of games we built with it is no more able to load a critical .dll, we found this error being caused by incompatibility between the DirectX 9.0c (the latest version supported by a working release of Torque3D) and the new DirectX 12.

Newer version of Torque3D, supporting up to DirectX 11, has instead already proven to be unable load our meshes.

Plus, we found Torque3D being unable to compile any game using OpenGL as graphic option… so we’re actually starting all anew by building our own game engine.

The games will still be available to purchase at our Online Store and, if you occurred to have already purchased it, please be patient because we’ll take care to let you be the first to get the new version (no refunds, sorry).

Thanks for cooperation,


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