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Major site overhaul

Inviato: 04/11/2015, 15:07
da ciullocorporation
Since now the CIULLO CORPORATION official website will no more have different versions for the 4 featured language

All pages will be only accessible as in the "old" Italian version but you'll be now able to select his/her own native language thanks to the Google Translate plug-in, be wary that the automatic translation may not work as intended...

However, this withdrawal will regard the site only: books, games and movies will still be translated in English, Spanish and French (or at least subtitled in).

Thanks for the comprehension.

Restoring translations

Inviato: 28/03/2017, 19:51
da ciullocorporation
Since the failure of the Google Translate plug-in, our authors are again on work to provide our evergrowing amount of visitors the most precise translation of the contents shown on our mainsite.

The process will require some time and will proceed by steps, covering first the pages of most interest (indexes, catalogs, on sale product cards) then all the others, and may appreciate the help of some contributors from the international scene too.