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Sebastiano Ciullo


CIULLO CORPORATION was born in Italy as an enterprise which aims to reaffirm a classical artistic culture, capable to range between different genres, themes and even products' categories without ever sacrifice the quality of the result nor ever loose the ability to surprise, to amuse and even to teach, but casting it into the future of digital technologies thanks to a spectacular union between fully original stories, marvelous tridimensional graphics, high-level voice acting and experimental music created with passion and devotion by the people involved in it.




Entertainment, Development and Didactics are the three keywords of our graphic sector.
Nucleus of the entire project, the Productions offers a wide selection of digital products, enriched by mechanical, physical and anatomical reconstructions and simulations, totally made with 3D CG (without “two-dimensional tricks”) and accompanied by overpowering original scores and screenplays.
And, if entertainment is not enough, you shall not ignore our Didactic Archive and the LIVEs from CIULLO CORPORATION Broadcasting Channel.
Prose, Poetry and Visual Arts are the pride of our publishing sector.
Starting point of all our stories it is undoubtedly The Guardians of Fate's saga that is proposed exclusively by our Publishing group along with other unmissable anthologies of original tales and poems to satisfy even those whom have a more serious mind.
And we still suggest you galleries and collections of traditional and photographic art, editorials, graphic novels and a Italian Language Dictionary of easy online consultation.
Rules, Services and Contests are the offer we propose in our service platform.
Neuralgic node of our network, the MODDER area draws the terms and hosts all our offers of services and the details of all our present and past collaborations.
And, furthermore, you may surely appreciate our exclusive promotional initiatives and the public contests open to artists of any school and level.
Massimiliano Ciullo

GamerS HitS and other services

Music and Theatre, Cinema and Entertainment, Reviews and Editorials, Collaborations and Commissions are only a few of the many themes and services hosted on our network.
The reviews and the search engine of GamerS HitS, the opportunities and the rewards of V.I.P. Area and Partnership Program, the promotions and the commissions of the Online Store and Customers’ Service and tons of exclusive materials awaits you to quit being just a fan and become a FanCIULLO.

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