General Conditions and Terms of Use
updated on March 31st, 2023

CIULLO CORPORATION © (identified also as the initiative, the society, the project, the activity, the enterprise) is an autonomous and independent artistic entity, based in a binding way on the original idea and project of Massimiliano and Sebastiano Ciullo whom, in any case, reserve for themselves to keep the full Intellectual Property of the foretold society and of the projects directly linked to it.
The goal of such initiative is to create, thanks the association of several original (or rather not involved or focused on the copu of others' works as defined by the terms fan-art, fan-fiction, cover band and such) artists, a multimedia enterprise of developing, publishing and distribution of contents dedicated to entertainment and education.
Any material published on this site and on any other profile, channel, site, blog, tube, forum, community, host, provider, dashboard, catalog, index, domain, subdomain Ciullo Corporation, Ciullo-Corporation, Ciullo Corp, CiulloCorp, ciullocorporation, ciullo.corporation, ciullo-corporation, ciullocorp, ciulloco, Massimiliano Ciullo, MaxCiullo, Massimiliano & Sebastiano Ciullo, Sebastiano Ciullo, Sebastianus, Sebastianus Conditor is protected and registered at DMCA.COM and COPYRIGHTED.COM as exclusive intellectual and material property of the active staff of this society according to the terms and conditions written and agreed between the co-founders and the patrons starting from this document.

We also invite any participating and/or visitor to respect the rules drawn by the Hosts of any site or gallery of our circuit and to avoid behaviours classified as acts of SPAM and/or encouraging of illegal activities as mobbing, stalking, discrimination, integralism, bullying, piracy which can damage the image and the reliability of the enterprise.
The Network
CIULLO CORPORATION © identifies, beside the foretold artistic society, an electronic network diffused on different multimedia channels on which it applies the behaviour directive and access modes established at discretion of the respective providers. Such a network aims to give visitors and customers previews, briefings and purchasing options for our products and services, as well as all the useful contacts to request more infos or to propose new ideas and collaboration to expand the network itself.
Nucleus of the entire project, the Produzioni offers a wide selection of digital products, enriched by mechanical, physical and anatomical reconstructions and simulations, totally made with 3D CG (without “two-dimensional tricks”) and accompanied by overpowering original scores and screenplays. The offer of this sector is composed by Wallpapers, Movies and Shorts e Videogames with hand-made (or rather without using MOCAP, 3D-SCAN nor other automatic tools or STOCK assets) models and animations on original stories written by our authors and interpreted by ourselves as well as audiovisual works proposed by patrons (in such case the distribution modes may be beyond, defer or even contrast with the terms of this document) within our Partnership Program.
They belong to this section also the contents and the software developed for the CIULLO CORPORATION Didactic Programs as like as the graphic and promotional stuff realized on the basis of the commissions.
Starting point of all our stories it is undoubtedly The Guardians of Fate’s saga that is proposed exclusively by our Publishing group along with other unmissable anthologies of original tales and poems to satisfy even those whom have a more serious mind. The proposal of this sector, indeed, is subdivided into Sagas, Fiction and Non-Fiction and Poetry and Philosophy where we present to the public, in e-book format, unique and original works proposed by our authors and/or by patrons (in such case the distribution modes may be beyond, defer or even contrast with the terms of this document) within our Partnership Program.
The section includes the documents redacted for the CIULLO CORPORATION Didactic Programs, texts and reviews made on the basis of the commissions and a section dedicated to Photography and Painting where it is collected the stuff (here included infos about albums, exhibitions, comics, etc) produced with the techniques proper of these two art branches.
Neuralgic node of our network, the MODDER area draws the terms and hosts all our offers of services and the details of all our present and past collaborations. As the things are by now, it is an inactive channel of our network, waiting for contributors ready to work on it within the terms of the Partnership Program.
 CIULLO CORPORATION Broadcasting Channel
Additional service, bound to the terms of collaborations and Partnership Program, which propose "LIVE" contents, or else of video-photographic nature, realized and offered by our staff and patrons. The promotion of such materials may happen through FaceBook, GumRoad, InstaGram, PATREON, vimeo, YouTUBE or other platforms with modes and conditions determined both by the platform and the authors of these contents.
GamerS HitS is a review and indexing service for all those products and contents which stands under the tag of entertainment. Born as a generic review-site, it is now integrating part of the CIULLO CORPORATION Network with functions of Search Engine, Promotion and Review and publishing of ONLINE Games within the terms of the Partnership Program.
CONTRO CORRENTE is an opinion-telling and informative service aimed to give space to social and actuality themes. As the things are by now, it is an inactive channel of our network, waiting for contributors ready to work on it within the terms of the Partnership Program.
The distribution and the promotion of CIULLO CORPORATION products and services is made directly through ArtStation, GumRoad, itch and indirectly through PayHip, platforms identified as e-commerce, which allows the purchasing of our contents by customers provided of PayPal account or debit card. Such provider, along with the needed scripts, grants an hosting service for digital products, granting that way the immediate availability of the purchases stuff, they estimate the VAT value by the buyer country and releases tax receipts to confirm the transaction: they also manage the delivery modes and the eventual refund procedures.
PayPal, moreover, will automatically manage all currency exchange operations that may be needed to complete the purchases.
Beside the already mentioned providers, we still underline PATREON as crowd-funding service, used to provide services and contents exclusively under subscription and MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless, as outlet services, or rather of printing and postal expedition of customized clothes and gadgets, which distinguish by all others for the not immediate availability of the purchased product.
In addition, the CIULLO CORPORATION Network extends on other platforms known as social networks. The stuff "publicly" exposed, or else visible without need to buy/subscribe, on these platforms are example and promotional contents intended to make known the product from which they've been extrapolated and to which they still refer for any property right: sharing and diffusion are encouraged provided that you do not violate the terms drawn by the commercial nature or their intellectual property itself.
  CIULLO CORPORATION Adult Zone and The ADULT Network
Since the nature of some stuff and the restrictions of the AlterVista hosting it has been created an additional domain, called CIULLO CORPORATION Adult Zone, where to expose and explain, exactly, the use and the frequency of mature images and themes inside our products: after some ruinous experiments and, since this argument is not central in our work, to contain costs, such domain has been leveled within the blog feature of the PATREON platform.
The service named The ADULT Network, with all its dependencies and sub-section, is part of the GamerS HitS project and it has been conformed to the services bound to the usage of our offers on PATREON.
The CIULLO CORPORATION Network still composes of unofficial channels and accounts on sites which can be mainly classified as social networks, or, in some cases, traffic exchanges and safelists, registered with promotional purposes and those offers, despite whatever they may affirm, ARE NOT AUTHORIZED IN ANY WAY NOR BOUND TO THE ACTIVITY OF THE SOCIETY AND ITS STAFF: we warmly invite and suggest you to take the utmost discretion and caution in evaluating such promotions, remembering that, amongst everything, the only effective way to support our work is by using the official channels.
Content policy
CIULLO CORPORATION is crafted as an "open society" in matter of themes and contents, that is we do not refuse any kind of politic/social/religious/sexual/cultural expression as long as that manifestation is made respecting and considering any other form of thinking and morality. Our initiative believes in freedom of acting and believing and does not condemn any consenting provided that it isn't physically and psychologically deleterious both for the involved subjects and for eventual "external witnesses", but in no way it endorses any kind of self-finalized violence and/or violence against dignity and health of other living being, may it be a man, a woman, a child or an animal.
Topics covered by our products and services range over the pure fantasy/science-fiction imaginary to arguments of social-psychological and philosophical imprint, which can be applied also to the contemporary world, as well as notions of engineering and medicine prompted to rebuild a greater realism and practical sense of contents dedicated to entertainment and and a superior engagement capability on those responsible of education.
In detail, our offer is subdivided in:
  • Digital Stuff
      the greatest part of our contents are developed and distributed as DIGITAL CONTENTS, or else by electronic means without physical support (e.g.: CD/DVD, CARDS, PRINTED STUFF), and are composed by audio-visual contents, interactive contents and literary contents, specifically in the form of VIDEOS/MOVIES/SHORTS, VIDEOGAMES/SOFTWARES, E-BOOKS and IMAGES/PHOTOS as exposed within the sections Produzioni CIULLO CORPORATION and CIULLO CORPORATION Editore
  • Physical Stuff
      a selection of our contents, mainly 3D CG IMAGES, it is distributed through PRINTED MEANS, or rather reproduced with ink-jet on physical supports (e.g.: T-SHIRTS, SWEATSHIRTS, FURNITURES and GADGETS) realized by MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless
  • Services
      our network offers, beside "pre-made products", the chance to order personalized materials and contents and to take advantage of informative and promotional services (e.g.: DIZIONARIO d'ITALIANO, SEARCH ENGINE, PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM) put at public disposal through the PATREON platform: terms and extension of these services are elaborated on CIULLO CORPORATION MODDER section
The engagement that our society assumes to its customers it is to provide entertainment and didactic material without neglecting any entertainment and educational element just for personal and/or moral prejudices but nevertheless which will be correctly coded to be accessible preferably only to the right ages. We wish to remember that our work uses anatomically complete three-dimensional models and animations that simulate every aspect of life (birth, feeding, growth, reproduction and death) so that certain sequences and internal dynamics of our products may result as unsuitable for minors and sensitive people.
The society does not own, claim or offer any right about graphic materials and codes provided/imposed from various hosting services on which relies as customer and still rejects ant responsibility on contents, behaviours, materials, themes acted and/or exposed by eventual Partners, reserving for itself, in case of legal departments, the right to rescind any kind of relationship and agreement with the subjects, keeping any unpaid earning as indemnity, and, eventually, to institute civil proceedings against them.
  Content access
CIULLO CORPORATION offers on its Network different purchasing options for its own contents according to the purpose, the nature and the function they have:
      materials developed and published for promotional usage are generally of free access and use ACCORDING THAT users accept to not modify form and content, do not make an improper use of them or do not attempt to divert and disguise the source and the intellectual property.
    They belong to this definition trailers, screenshots, demos, sample copies, reviews, cover arts and low resolution images.
      materials developed and published for free use are softwares and services offered through pre-made platforms which, in some cases, may ask users to register an account to access all the features of the service itself: the free use does not authorize any form of modification and/or appropriation of the software itself.
    They belong to this definition demos, Dizionario d'Italiano and Search Engine.
      materials developed and published for single purchase are by definition final products of which users agrees to make EXCLUSIVELY PERSONAL USE, avoiding any form of alteration, replication and appropriation: to show your appreciation and interest we invite you to writhe a review and/or to share the pre-made promotional stuff.
    They belong to this definition media packs, videos, videogames and e-books distributed through ArtStation, PayHip, GumRoad and itch.
    The printed stuff, distributed through MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless, may have a
    promotional value so that we encourage the independent production and publication of photos and recordings that depict and advertise them.
      materials developed and published for on sale purchase correspond on everything to the contents developed for single purchase, which price has been temporarily lowered during holidays and event or, as in the case of MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless, by initiative of the distribution platform.
    They belong to this definition media packs, videos, videogames and e-books distributed through itch,
    coupon codes to purchase videos, videogames and e-books on GumRoad and printed stuff distributed through MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless.
      materials developed and published foron subscription purchase include all the materials already made available for single purchase plus a lot more of exclusive contents reserved, indeed, to the most addicted customers: it remains the indication for a personal use of any stuff made available on streaming/download.
    They belong to this definition images, videos, videogames and e-books included within the
    streaming/download packages on GumRoad, access keys for media packs, videos, videogames and e-books on itch obtained through PATREON and services, W.I.P. galleries and 8K/VR images distributed through PATREON.
Selling, distribution, delivery and use of our contents, with the exception of MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless print services, shall happens EXCLUSIVELY on digital devices through the mediation of e-commerce/crowdfunding platforms like ArtStation, GumRoad, PayHip, itch, Patreon, MakePlayingCards,CreateJigsawPuzzles,lulu,CreatePhotoCalendars,redbubble,Threadless: the offer of these products and services without these intermediaries is a fraud and an act of piracy.
  Usage of contents
CIULLO CORPORATION keeps for itself any right on its own content, here included also the resulting materials of External Commissions, with faculty of publishing, partial and/or full re-use, alteration and "recycle" on every gallery associated to our circuit and into projects independent from the commission itself. As tutelage of the purchaser, the society engages, wherever it is possible, to "credit" through name and/or link to an eventual site everywhere we'll redistribute the executed work PROVIDED THAT the subjects grant the insertion on their own sites, and on every place they will redistribute the resulting stuff, of a link/reference to our site and project.
It is ABSOLUTELY forbidden to any user/patron to independently publish, redistribute and/or modify any of our works without being previously authorized and without crediting the source of such material. According to this paragraph, ABOVE ALL buying through digital and/or physical means do not give any right of manipulation and extrapolation of the whole or just part of our work from the CIULLO CORPORATION network.
It remains at public disposal for sharing and redistribute, still standing the prohibition to modify and/or improperly claim as yours these contents, the promotional stuff.
Subscription and Association
CIULLO CORPORATION aims to realize a complex network which can join together artists and/or professionals through a service called Partnership Program. Such service offers the chance to see your work and your career promoted through our network in exchange of a small monthly fee to be paid through our Patreon profile.
  • LEVEL 1 - advertisers
      advertisers are privates and/or entities that subscribed to THIRD PARTIES advertising services: their ads are shown randomly at the sole discretion of the ADs provider, there's no direct contact or link between them and CIULLO CORPORATION
  • LEVEL 2 - partners
      pledging the PRODUCER / PUBLISHER / PARTNER quote at our Patreon profile, you will have direct access to the Partnership Program with the indexing of their own profiles/projects within the CIULLO CORPORATION's offer, but they still retain the full property and responsibility about them
  • LEVEL 3 - sponsors
      pledging the homonym SPONSOR quote at our Patreon profile, you shall have your sites and products indexed
  • LEVEL 4 - contributors
      pledging the homonym CONTRIBUTOR quote at our Patreon profile, you shall have your sites, provided that you can insert a direct link, and your products indexed
  • LEVEL 5 - affiliates
      pledging the homonym AFFILIATE quote at our Patreon profile, you shall have 1 site of yours indexed on our starting pages, provided that you insert a link to us too
  • LEVEL 6 - testimonials
      purchase our designs on Threadless or redbubble, make some photos or a video and publish it on socials (provided that it respects the rules of minimal decency *): the best "works" will be chosen and re-shared on our galleries
Mind that we're not offering any job nor collaboration chances, we're looking for paying customers and investors, so please consider that we may not even take in consideration any proposal which does not grant us an immediate income.
  Privacy policy
CIULLO CORPORATION asks to all the candidates a photo and some personal information which will serve exclusively to compile their profiles on the Personnel section: all the data will be saved and archived on hardware devices kept off-line, safe from intrusion and tampering. Informations and contacts exceeding the essential will never be provided in public or to third parties, with the exception of the occasional presence of the whole society to public events which may ask a more complete registration and only after your own authorization.
Born from the collaboration of two brothers, our enterprise promotes and encourages the developing of relations between the personnel also outside the working place without violating the privacy rights and as long as they do not interfere with the correct management of the activity itself. Nevertheless, behaviours of vengeful, defamatory and/or disparaging nature, here included the abuse of your role to bartering favours of any nature, against colleagues and external subjects, with or without using your enterprise's credentials, or both personal/professional reasons will not be tolerated.
  Partnership and Sponsorship
CIULLO CORPORATION offers to other webmasters the chance to enter into our circuit through a cheap, direct and honest Partnership Program: by subscribing the Affiliate, Contributor and Sponsor packages your site will be registered and indexed on our starting pages and into the GamerS HitS' search engine. Conditions to access this program vary according to the collaboration level and the paid quote: for details please consult the Generic Requirements card.
It remains unchanged the principle for which NO FEE billed will grant you any right on our works and job: what you do buy with subscription is a package of advertising services with the linked promotional slots, the property right remains of those who materially realized the whole or part of the work in question.
In NO case they're foreseen refunds for eventual personal initiatives aimed to grow through financial tools (Google AdWords, FaceBook advertisements, Like/Followers purchasing, Premium profiles, Sponsored Domains, AutoSurf, Mail list, etcetera) the traffic of the whole or part of our network, where as "part" are intended also the Partnership Program sites.
Other dispositions
CIULLO CORPORATION actually IS NOT AN ENTERPRISE able to answer to real job needs: it is instead an initiative, based on the project created and lead by the original co-founders, that aims to reunite creatives, artists, "undiscovered geniuses" with the ambition to transform a simple idea into a both Italian and international "entrepreneur" reality. As for the independent and self-taught nature of the project, they're not required specific professional/didactic credits to start work with CIULLO CORPORATION provided that, once joined, the subjects put the best of their availabilities and abilities to improve themselves and their contribute.
CIULLO CORPORATION does not attend of politics, religion or morals: any reference to such arguments is contextual to fantasy works of our authors, any attempt of attribution and association of our work and person to past or present ideology is totally illegitimate and not pertinent to our activity. Funds collected through the global network and/or through the sale of end products will mainly be used to keep and upgrade the activity itself, as well as for the presence of the same to projects of social and civil relevance as joining public events and initiatives and supporting the medical and technological research.
GamerS HitS, the logo, events, site and graphics are part of MODDER and Broadcasting Channel services and so a property of CIULLO CORPORATION© and its staff.
Any other material, belonging to Third parties, hosted or indexed on this site has been provided and authorized by relative owners through advertising agreements, among those affiliation, sponsorship, awarding and collaboration programs, in full respect of laws and sacredness of Copyright.
CIULLO CORPORATION can only answer about its own work and products, and by using any online service and feature within your network you accept to follow and agree with the following THIRD PARTIES terms:
CIULLO CORPORATION is not affiliate and has no dependencies with any of these societies, but uses scripts and features to provide its online services
CIULLO CORPORATION keeps itself to alter, update and implement this card in any moment and, according to the new arrangements, to modify or repeal any contract considered "unfitting".