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all our contents are mainly in Italian: end products will feature translated captions or may have translated versions sold separately (patrons can download both with no additional fees)

We started from nothing, we don't even had a bare idea of what we're doing and what to espect: we learned, by ourselves, and without any support, either... more than once we crushed on indifference, hostility, even from people we though to be "close" to us.

When and how it is "born" the idea behind CIULLO CORPORATION?
There's no true answer to this question... I guess it was by the fact we are two brothers with the same passion and a similar course of "personal disappointment".
Perhaps in 1998 when we though to write and realize a mini-series about a milestone of the videogame industry.
Or it was in 2004, with the idea to make a "sword and cloak" movie called Once Upon a Time... the MiddleAge! togheter with a group of High School companions.
Or still between 2006 and 2008 when, equipped with an SD camera-recorder, we realized a series of unlikely short parodies... and tried, through the years, to involve more than one girl, for affection and for esteem, to the final draft of The Guardians of Fate with the idea to give the saga a "more feminine touch" too and, in certain occasion, to publish togheter the poems and the tales they used to write too.
Officially, mainly thanks to
YouTUBE and Altervista, the enterprise "was born" between 2011 and 2013 and received its first real public recognition in 2014 with the Trieste Mini Maker Faire: they're these three "simple" steps which gave life to the CIULLO CORPORATION project as you know it.
How did you land on Computer Graphic?
Easy: from a not exactly moderate passion for videogames which, once we had a "stable" Internet connection, evolved itself into a search for Mods and tools to build our owns.
During these searches, indeed, we "stumbled upon" a free software,
DAZStudio, which has shown us a new perspective: instead of modding others' work, we could build something completely new.
It remained only the limitation of those "stock materials" so, after many thoughts, we finally decided to make our first investment in this quest and we purchased
Hexagon and Carrara.
Since then we started publishing online, first on
YouTUBE and, indirectly, on Facebook and then, once persuaded ourselves that Altervista was the best and the most reliable choice, on this site.
Why to bet it all and from beginnings on "Creativity and Originality"?
Because they're two complementary and undivisible concepts: to create it means to give life to something new, original... when any artist, nevertheless how much admirable are their talent and style, focusn their work on the work of someone else they will not be able to honestly tell "this is my creation" but, at the best, only "this is my interpretation".
And this without considering that founding your own career on someone else's product, even if this may lead to a wide and more immediate popularity, it may result economically unproductive and, in any case, it requires an obsessive attention to any update and trend inversion about your own inspiration sources.
To imitate, to interpret, to copy, after all, they don't have a meaning so different from falsify: it's a non sense to spend resources you don't have just for an ephemeral moment of reflected glory.
Probably, the one about originality is the longest and hardest way, you'll crush on indifference and on the choking shadow of "fan-doms", but at the end it is the one that gives you the more satisfaction.

They say that beginning is the most difficult part, do you share this though?
Honestly no, on contrary: starting everything, even a relationship, is very easy... the challenge awaits in the future, in keep up the enthusiasms, and the ingenuity, with which you started, to not loose your spirit in front the harsh that will raise on each step towards your objectives and in the difficulty to keep up those goals.
To say "in the beginnings it was hard but then we took heart" or something such it is about to admit that you don't believe in your ideas and abilities, that you're unable to take any risk without getting first someone else's approval, that you consider more the strangers' judgement than your desire to feel fulfilled.
To start it does not take anything... nothing more than a crumb of willpower.

To have a website, a real one, is not much different than having a home, a place where you can return and feel safe: it is something you built, starting from the foundations, it is your work, your base, your future.

Why Altervista?
"Because it's simple, free and customizable" but mainly because it was suggested us by our historic partner GamerS HitS which was already using this free-hosting platform.
We were attracted by their slogan
"Earn with your ideas" and by the lack of a monthly quote to upgrade the service, plus the html editor, the ftp access and the automatic installation for web-app: on contrary the bound on advertising circuits and the contents restrictions, at that time, seemed to us a small price for a site which promised us to be financially independent just by sharing.
We soon learned the lesson, that anyone who promises you on-line earnings if they're not trying to frame you at least they didn't tell you the truth: during these years, in fact, while visitors were and still are more and more every day, we assisted to a progressive lowering of earnings from advertising, such as we found ourselves into the unlucky research of other hosts and advertising providers, till the "failure" of GamerS HitS, which found impossible to keep its work of evaluation and review on the entertainment world, and to our decision to suppress all advertising circuits on our main sites.
With the evolution of our project, then, the condition that restrict the nature of the acceptable contents on this site is proving every day more limiting... all reasons which lead us to press on you to make purchases and/or subscribe our media packages: so we can launch a new domain and offer you more contents, more quality and no restriction.

How is the site organized?
In a professional, simple and intuitive way to allow our visitors to find and purchase immediately the works and the services they want most.
From the starting page it is possible to enter both the sections, which are divided in a number of cards useful to show all the sector's offer, of our activity and the sites hosted through the Partnership Program: the sections/links actually active are

  • Produzioni CIULLO CORPORATION, directed by Sebastiano Ciullo, where they're indexed and showcased all our 3D CG products: games, videos, images and didactic programs
  • CIULLO CORPORATION Editore, directed by Massimiliano Ciullo, where they're indexed and showcased our publications: The Guardians of Fate, the tales' anthologies, the poems' collections and the photos' and illustrations' albums
  • CIULLO CORPORATION MODDER where they're indexed and showcased all our services, contests, project's infos and the terms and requirements to use, access, collaborate and contribute to the development of our products and platform
  • CIULLO CORPORATION Broadcasting Channel where they're indexed the audio-video contents from external channels (e.g.: YouTUBE, Vimeo, MetaCafe) of our staff, provided within the requests to our services of Regression Advertising and within the Contributors' Program
  • GamerS HitS partner site, which recently has been donated to us to manage from the old administration, which works on a DATABASE of books, movies, games and useful links
  • it is still available one "free promotional space" for a collaborator, the "paid" slots are unlimited (links will be removed if payment is discontinued)

Each section is provided by a small address card to directly contact the section chief, unless you are on a common section, as the MODDER and the Broadcasting Channel platforms, on which this role assignment is useless: it still stands that you may contact us directly through the Forum and the @mail on the Contacts card.
At last, from the MENU tab on header it is possible to change language
(actually you can switch only between Italian and English), access the Gallery (registration required to view contents, hosts theV.I.P. Area's collections which are accessible only by subscription) and the Forum and a link to the Site Map, which resume and links all the sections, and the corresponding cards, of the CIULLO CORPORATION project and its collaborators.
What are your "social policies"?
Our first social reason is to consolidate and mantain our own "enterprise" so we can have a solid base on which to found a network of initiatives and contributions we already mentioned in our General Conditions: these partecipations will occur according the times and the modes which will result the most profitable and not harmful for the stability of our project or the fulfilment of the terms of the Collaborator's and Contributor's contracts.
Searching and accepting new staff members happens through both the network linked to this site and "direct interactions" between our personnel and the potential candidates and DO NOT PROVIDE for any offer, or neither request, of money beside the proposal made in the foretold contracts blueprints.
Basically, we do not care anything about ethnic or skin color, about political/religious beliefs, of gender and sexual orientation, of peoples' vices and ethics as they are because and visitor and customers is important independently to these discriminations, nevertheless we cannot but to put some restrictions to those who wish to become our collaborators and contributors: see the Generic Requirements for details.
As for it concerns the so-called "socials", our relation to them is of pureconvenience: their only purpouse is to provide a comunication tool, even if the site is already equipped with all the elements needed to contact us, to our visitors, possible customers and such to contact our operatives.
The usage of those profiles, therefore, is of scarce pertinence with the activity and the goal of our initiative and, lacking of a real "socio-economical" feedback, they're to be considered niches which do not reflect the health status of our own project in any way: nevertheless be aware that we use to always answer...

Why you need an "ADULTS ONLY Zone"?
Not for the reasons that usually "animate" our competitors in the fields of independent Computer Graphics, accustomed to create bleak and delirious sexual parodies on characters of "famous" videogames and movies.
What lead us to "expand" our network were the restrictions withn
Altervista's Terms of Use that DO NOT ALLOW the publication of images, text and videos with nudity and other not better specified elements which can turbate the "public sensitivity".
Since our declared intention to treat delicate themes and the graphic reconstruction based, besides the normal and natural life experiences, on Human Anatomy knowledge and clinical experiences gathered during the 2006/2011 Medicine and Surgery Degree Course at the
University of Trieste to not "risk" we looked at other hosting services to complete the panoramic preview on our work.

CIULLO CORPORATION do not realize, do not offer, do not require and do not promote any product and service of exclusively erotic and/or pornographic nature: such contents, eventually shown into the ADULTS ONLY Zone, are to be attributed, with all the linked responsibilities, to Third Parties.

It does not count from where you started, the hindrances on which you stepped, the engagement you put on it, and often it doesn't cout either what you have to offer... it's a matter of opportunities and probability: being able to catch the right moment, understand what one single people (not "the mass") wants to hear and/or to see, being ready for everything.

What is your goal?
Our objective is to give life to a new generation of contents that can mix entertainment capability with an educational function, which will be able to engage and amuse even without sinking into repetitive and "end to itself" things.
To make this we choose to use multimedia tools, as the digital publishing and the animation, which can reach the most rapidly and with an almost null cost the wider pool of users.
And that's the reason we avail ourselves of complex contents and dynamics, coming out from both simply observing and a more deep study of medical/scientifical themes, which wil be integrating part as of our videogames as much of the materials intentionally created with didactic purpouse.

What kind of contents do you provide?
Basically our contents belongs to 5 categories: images, e-books, videos and interactive softwares to which you can add a complete stock of services.
All products of the upward categories are ORIGINAL and realized EXCLUSIVELY by Sebastiano Ciullo, Massimiliano Ciullo and Irene Sualdin in in any single core element about graphics, texts and stories, audio and music and many of them contain elements and treat elements not suitable for everyone, certainly not "for children".
The images, differently from the rest of our contents, are the only "resources" to present the product's physical distribution option, thanks for the printing services provided by external sites like
deviantART and Threadless, while some of the services ARE NOT AVAILABLE on-line nor outside the area of Trieste, Italy: all the rest is available only as digital content.
Do you mean to "host" also other types of contents beside your own?
The answer is affirmative: as already told and not only in this page, the aim of this project is to group the biggest number of multimedia sectors in one only great independent network.
It's mainly for this purpose that CIULLO CORPORATION MODDER's section has been created, with a wide range of services and collaborations as the Partnership Program and Regression Advertising, our services of mutual advertising and promotional messages creation, and public contests like Review Fever and Boors! World Tour, some "open competitions" where the only looser is the one who does not partecipate.
Moreover, even at the risk of being repetitive, Produzioni CIULLO CORPORATION and CIULLO CORPORATION Editore are "open" to any original artist in the field of music, acting, animation, writing, photography, comics and more who are ready at least to share a link to our site on their own website.

It is funny how the same origins of a word indicate and describe the sensation that one "think" should inspire to us: the work, by the example, it is synonymous of labour, sacrifice... but to us it means passion, amusement... and satisfaction in seeing an idea growing and concretizing itself in something gradually more unique and complete!

We were approached by peoples that offered us to "work with you", can we trust them?
If this happened in Trieste and/or those people were similar to the three subjects that figures almost everywhere on this site, then it's a yes.
Sometimes, infact, we leave our "secret den" to take a tour in the city in search of various gadgets and furnishings (and food, the most time): if there's a chance, without insistence, we present ourselves and we propose you to come to help us.
In any case, we do not ask, nor we ever will, for money in exchange of any kind of job and we cannot yet grant any "good" previsions of earning in the near future... but we do not expect you to work for free too!

I am interested by the idea but the presence of a NSFW area is a bit disturbing...
Let's make clear that NO ONE in any way will ask you, nor even will force you, to do more than you will feel ready to do.
The foretold area is mainly needed to show all those eventual disturbing elements that will be present, and possibly regulated by our PARENTAL CONTROL, in our productions since, as already puncualized in the previous pharagraph, our "work" will be provided of a strong specialistic components bend to give both a major realism and a "didactic instrument".
As we cannot pretend you will follow and remain with us for all the duration of the various and eventual public showcases so we grant you full discretion also in the voice acting: we can always cover the scene with a bit of music, exactly as anyone else already do.

I've seen what you need and what you offer, how can I candidate myself for a role?
Simply contacting us through the forum, the @mail form on the Contacts card and/or any of our external profiles: the contract form, to be compiled and signed, will be provided only after the first meetings.
Considering the "independent" nature of the project, the "tasks" of Promoter (analyst, marketing, public relation) and Quality Check (supervisor, beta-tester, moderator) are to be considered integrating part of the work of all active members of the staff: they make exception theExternal Contributors, but they're not "covered" by any warranty from us.
The only binding pre-requisites are to be at least 18 years old and to have a real interest in the project: terms, responsibilities and quotes will be directly discussed and fixed betwen you and us.

If you do not ask for money, why I should pay the Contributor's quote?
And so it is, indeed: we do not ask money to those who want work with us to the more than numerous project already anticipated on this portal.
The Contributor's quote is required to those, even having no will or chance to directly assist us in our work, who still want to be part of the CIULLO CORPORATION's network and catalogs.
In that case, you'll not pay for a job but you shall pay for the Affiliation services, plus the eventual commissions (as for example the automatic inclusion in our catalogs and into the GamerS-HitS's works' and artists' archives), keeping for yourself any title and right on your job, your works and on the way you want distribute them.

The "bad thing" about art is that it needs resources: tools, materials, spare parts... and by that of money.
The worse thing is that those who have the art almost never have the money while those who have the money it's hard they spend it on art...

What does it mean that CIULLO CORPORATION is an independent, autonomous and self-funded initiative?
Literally that we are autonomous since we build all the resources and materials we need, we are independent by the moment we are not part of any University nor we are dummies of other Firms and we are self-funded because, by now, all the costs to purchase and mantain the working tools encumber exclusively on the investment of the two Co-Founders' personal savings.
The Collaborators, instead, have no obligation to take any economical burden for the developing of this project, on contrary: any of their investment will be immediately refunded.

Why don't you use advertising and distribute your stuff for free, instead?
The answer is very simple and, partially, it has already given in the previous paragraphs: not all the advertising grants an economical feedback for those who expose them, the payout is incostant and may be very low (even 0,01 cents for 1000 impressions) and, naturally, the most of those who "claim for free stuff" also use ADBlock softwares.
We make you a sample of how it works the online advertising:

UV Unique Visitors or better the single IP addresses that connect themselves during the 24h (if X peoples visit today this page from the same computer connected to the same router only 1 will be counted in any case)
CPM/CPT Cost per Mille/Cost per Thousand or better the banners that uses this formula pay/cost TOT only after 1000/100 UV that visualize it
CPV Cost per Visitor/View or better the banners that uses this formula pay/cost TOT for each UV that visualize it
CPC Cost per Click or better the banners that uses this formula pay/cost TOT only after X UV interact with the advertising
CPL/CPA/CPO Cost per Lead/Cost per Action/Cost per Order or referral links or better the banners that uses this formula pay/cost TOT only if the user interacts with the advertising and fulfil a pre-enstabilished operation (subscription, purchase, etc.) on the insertionist's site within a fixed timelapse

How it is possible to contribute to your success?
In many ways, to say the truth, some are more efficient and other more cheap:

  • Subscribing to the contents packages (from 10 to 40$/month) on our Patreon profile grants the direct access to our products and services and will allow us to work easily and rapidly to offer you more contents and of bigger quality.
  • Accessing to our Partership Program's services for free (Link Exchange) or by payment (from 1 to 8$/month on Patreon), also obtaining many mutual benefits, raises our traffic stats useful to obtain more popularity on the search engines, and by them, more customers.
  • Making shopping through our content stores on GameJolt, Threadless and deviantART.
  • Making donations, using Patreon or the deviantART's points poll, better if recurring.
  • Using our referral links, also obtaining some mutual benefit, showcased on the GamerS-HitS's Content Partners card.
  • Subscribing seriously on our forum, raises our traffic stats useful to obtain more popularity on the search engines, and by them, more customers, also generating UV.
  • Visiting constantly our mainsite, raises our traffic stats useful to obtain more popularity on the search engines, and by them, more customers, also generating UV.
  • Following our external channels, raises our traffic stats useful to obtain more popularity on the search engines, and by them, more customers.
  • Searching CIULLO CORPORATION on Google and on the other search engines, raises our traffic stats useful to obtain more popularity on the search engines, and by them, more customers, also generating UV.

In any way, Affiliates, Contributors, Sponsors (as defined in our Partnership Program) and high level subscribers (or better those who pay for the Art Collector, Fine Reader, Premiere Class and Beta Tester packages) will not receive any Right of Property on our products or on part of them nor they will ever get share quotes of the CIULLO CORPORATION project because THEY ARE NOT FOR SALE NOR THEY WILL EVER BE!