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Looking for VOICE ACTRESS, living in the area of Trieste, also if not professional, of an age between 18 and 35 years, to be hired as long as lifetime with the internal role of Collaborator
no immediate earnings granted
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Looking for TRANSLATORS, Italian language mastery required, to be hired with the internal role of Contributors
free access to our services (no Patreon fee), no revenue sharing
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photographers, musicians, directors, actors, dancers, singers, models, athletes, writers, artists, researchers and other professionals
Whatever it is your passion or your job do not hesitate to contact us to tell the world your experience, your project and your dream

And if you really want to contribute to the realization of this enterprise, please start sharing our work among your friends, subscribe on our Official Forum and, whenever you got a job proposal, please be so gentle to answer: a no is good too, it's always a sign of education, and anyway we have no time to stalk or bother you further in case of deny.


Plenty of civilizations and thousands of characters for hundreds of different species, and moreover plants, animals and preternatural creatures...

... with anatomical reconstructions of organs and apparati and yet more tons of indipendent components assembled in objects, vehicles and even buildings to have millimetric simulations...

... into a multi-millennial story that mixes myth, reality and science(-fiction) on unique, stunning as lethal, backgrounds...

... without forgetting didactic materials, historical and filological references, photos, records and articles for an unmatched and unprecedented service and entertainment!