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Creativity is our work, bringing dreamworlds to life our Passion!
CIULLO CORPORATION is an autonomous initiative founded in 2011 by two self-taught artists, the brothers Massimiliano and Sebastiano Ciullo, whose objective is to realize a new generation of didactic and entertainment materials.
The project avails itself of tridimensional graphics and animations, accompanied on original stories and music, conceived and developed by themselves and it has expanded to cover sectors as the independent publishing and the offer of assistance services and collaborations.

Proudly Made in Italy

all our contents are mainly in Italian: end products will feature translated captions or may have translated versions sold separately (patrons can download both with no additional fees)

Concerning the purchases, all prices reported in money are listed WITHOUT THE V.A.T. ADDITION
The taxation percentages relative to your country will be automatically added by the used @-commerce/crowdfunding platforms

A "dreamworld" is not only the background for a fairy tale, but a place where to live in serenity, where research creates functional services and work is not only an obligation to itself... thinking about it, yes: a dreamworld is only fantasy.

The "bar game"

the more the bar will be complete and the more will be the amount and the quality of our services
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?K The number indicates our business funds level in thousands (K) of euros
1K = 1.000€ 2K = 2.000€ 3K = 3.000€ 4K = 4.000€ 5K = 5.000€ 6K = 6.000€ 7K = 7.000€ 8K = 8.000€ 9K = 9.000€ 10K = 10.000€
The box color shows the "distance" to the fulfillment of the quote
?K The RED box means that the balance is less than 100
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?K The BLUE box means that the balance is more than 100
› 100€ › 1.100€ › 2.100€ › 3.100€ › 4.100€ › 5.100€ › 6.100€ › 7.100€ › 8.100€ › 9.100€
?K The GREEN box means the balance is more than 500
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?K The GOLD box means we reached the quote
Until a box isn't full the others will remainBLANK

We hope this "short" briefing answered your questions and cleared your mind about the nature and the objectives of our work: we're at youre disposal for any doubt and/or suggestion.


Plenty of civilizations and thousands of characters for hundreds of different species, and moreover plants, animals and preternatural creatures...

... with anatomical reconstructions of organs and apparati and yet more tons of indipendent components assembled in objects, vehicles and even buildings to have millimetric simulations...

... into a multi-millennial story that mixes myth, reality and science(-fiction) on unique, stunning as lethal, backgrounds...

... without forgetting didactic materials, historical and filological references, photos, records and articles for an unmatched and unprecedented service and entertainment!